Sunday, 14 August 2011

MOVIE REVIEW: Ash Wednesday (1973) with Fonda and Taylor

The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. As we would like to remember her.

- First seen on video with Elizabeth Taylor (who sadly passed away recently), and Henry Fonda about a woman who has plastic surgery in order to hold onto her husband and in my considered opinion it wasn’t a very smart move.

Beware, for there are a number of scenes that show – how shall I put it?- positively revolting surgical procedures. I’m referring to the knife being inserted into the skin, so please beware! Considering the age of both the stars at the time this was made, they both look pretty good which doesn’t add to the believability of the piece. Taylor was going through one of her ‘difficulties with weight’ phases. I think she was married to politician John Warner at the time and gossip columnists would constantly denigrate her for supposedly not looking her best; she commented after their divorce that she did not like being stuck at home watching TV and being ‘Mrs Senator’. Her weight may have – ahem, fluctuated, but she never lost that marvellous face. The story of ‘Ash Wednesday’ takes place in the U.S. and Europe but is choppily edited and  isn’t easy to understand - as I recall it seemed to have a number of continuity errors for such a respectable production. The project is one of those that doesn’t seem to have much purpose for being made. Are we are meant to be salivating with envy over the affluent lifestyle of these rich and beautiful people and wishing it was our own?

However, apart from  the participation of such a pair of iconic movie stars, this movie is kind of  silly and only recommended if you’ve got nothing better to do with your life.

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